42 year old well built male, blind for over ten years, had suffered large anterior MI three weeks prior to DOA and had severe LV dysfunction with EF 0.28. Coronary angiography revealed severe double vessel disease with 100% blocked proximal LAD and 70% blocked proximal RCA.

On examination both femoral arteries were feeble with absent distal pulses. There was a history of severe claudication. CT angio was done for abdominal aorta and distal arteries. It revealed 70-80% blocked abdominal aorta (juxtra-renal). He had been a smoker and his lung functions were not good. He was financially weak, hence decided to carry out two procedures in one sitting;
Aorto-femoral/Femoro-femoral bypass using 8mm PTFE ringed graft.

The procedure was carried out on the 9th of December, 2013. uneventfully with good palpable bilateral dorsalis pedis arteries. He recovered well and was discharged home on 10th post-op day.

© Dr.Ashwani Suri

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